While my new home on the web isn’t complete, this will be may last post here. One of the things I learned in the Art Cloth Mastery Program was the importance of using your name when branding yourself as an artist. It is something I’ve resisted for years, but I’m […]

Moving to a New Home

Another fun filled weekend introducing others to the art of resist printing and indigo dyeing.  Almost 2 days at the Life Enrichment Center printing, dipping and dyeing with a group of fearless artist.  Check out some of their beautiful pieces.    

Indigo Resist Printing and Dyeing – Take II

I’m sure you’ve heard of having the blues, right? Well, a while back I struggled to find some indigo textile paint for printing on my indigo dyed fabric.  That gave me a case of the blues!  So, I decided if I couldn’t find something ready-made, I’d mix up some myself.  […]

Mixing Up Some Blues

Two weeks ago I taught an indigo resist printing and dyeing class at the Life Enrichment Center in Tampa, FL.  What a great class! and a great way to get back into a routine.  I had 12 practicing artist in many different media. They were fearless, just jumped in after […]

Indigo Resist Printing and Dyeing

  I’ve never had much interest in growing indigo, but my friend Diane wanted to grow some.  Only problem, she lives in a condo. So she recruited some friends to grow it.  I’m one of them. A few weeks ago, she bought over a few pots of seedlings.  They aren’t […]

Growing Indigo

After my success last week eco printing over one of my rust dyed fabrics, I decided to try it again.  So in between rusting and indigo dips on my art cloth projects, I did this piece. In an attempt to get more bang for my buck, I rolled the fabric […]

More Rust and Eco Printing

Last week I spend a day with one of my friends.  We had a great time looking over the work from my sessions with Jane Dunnewold Art Cloth Mastery program.  We talked dyeing, rusting and just had a great visit. At the end of our visit we took a piece […]

Rust and Eco Printing

In my last post, Resist, Indigo and Rust #5, Regina Dunn asked to see the whole piece of fabric. So here it is.  It is approximately 30 x 55 inches. Linking up Nina Marie’s Off The Wall Friday

Resist, Indigo and Rust #5.1

Well I’m finally back after going all over the place. First a week in Phoenix visiting a friend, then San Antonio visiting a friend and the Art Cloth Mastery class then, over 2 weeks at my daughters visiting her before she deploys to Afghanistan. Been home for two weeks and […]

Resist, Indigo and Rust #5

Hi everyone!   Time for another Resist, Indigo and Rust post! I didn’t around to posting last week, getting ready for the next session of the Art Cloth Mastery program, so working like crazy.  And the weather hasn’t been real cooperative for rust.  Although later in the week I should have […]

Resist, Indigo and Rust #4