It’s been a crazy week in the studio.  Working hard on my pieces for the Art Cloth Mastery Program.  Even so, I did mange to get a little play time in and created this fabric. Indigo dyed and rust printed. Linking up to Nina Marie’s Off The Wall Friday.

Resist, Indigo and Rust #2

For a couple of years now I’ve been exploring working with resist paste and indigo.  Last summer I added rust to the mix.  Really loving this look and for this year I’ve decided to make that my main focus.  I’m even doing some of my Art Cloth Mastery work in […]

Resist, Indigo and Rust #1

Working on a test monkey piece for part of my work for the Art Cloth Mastery Program.   This is the piece I showed last week; read about it here. And here is what it looks like after 3 or 4 dips in the indigo vat.  Next another layer of resist […]

Resist and Indigo

indigo vat 1
A few days before Christmas, I decided to make a new indigo vat.  I’d disposed of my old vat before I went to spend two months at my daughters over the summer.  I’d gotten that vat so far out of whack, it wasn’t worth the effort to keep going. You […]

Misadventures Of An Indigo Vat

I love the New Year! Not only is it a chance to reflect and plan for the future, but it is also a great celebration for Team Knowles!  This new year, 2017 marks 31 years for us.  We’ve had a few rough spots, but we’ve always know that we are […]

A New Year & Anniversary Celebration

Been knee deep working on my Art Cloth Mastery Program projects.  Here is a sneak peek at my current piece. Resist printed and ready for the indigo vat.            

On My Worktable

After many years of exploring every technique that came along I am finally discovering what speaks to me. Rust and Indigo is coming up on top. I love the colors you get with rust dyeing and the fact that something which is considered undesirable can be so beautiful. Now combined […]

Indigo and Rust Art Cloth

Indigo and rust are two of my favorite dyeing techniques.  Which means I’ve accumulated a large stash.  My friend Shirley was visiting for a week and she was itching to get her hands on some of my fabrics.  So I let her have at it.  and here is what she/we […]

Indigo and Rust Quilt Blocks

free motion stitched leaves 100 day project
I’ve been a member on Skillshare for over 6 months and teaching there for 2 months. One of the classes I recently took was creating your own 100 day project. Since I have so many things I want to learn and spend a lot of time hopping between them, and […]

My Free Motion Stitching 100 Day Project