Working on a test monkey piece for part of my work for the Art Cloth Mastery Program.   This is the piece I showed last week; read about it here. And here is what it looks like after 3 or 4 dips in the indigo vat.  Next another layer of resist […]

Resist and Indigo

indigo vat 1
A few days before Christmas, I decided to make a new indigo vat.  I’d disposed of my old vat before I went to spend two months at my daughters over the summer.  I’d gotten that vat so far out of whack, it wasn’t worth the effort to keep going. You […]

Misadventures Of An Indigo Vat

I love the New Year! Not only is it a chance to reflect and plan for the future, but it is also a great celebration for Team Knowles!  This new year, 2017 marks 31 years for us.  We’ve had a few rough spots, but we’ve always know that we are […]

A New Year & Anniversary Celebration

Been knee deep working on my Art Cloth Mastery Program projects.  Here is a sneak peek at my current piece. Resist printed and ready for the indigo vat.            

On My Worktable

After many years of exploring every technique that came along I am finally discovering what speaks to me. Rust and Indigo is coming up on top. I love the colors you get with rust dyeing and the fact that something which is considered undesirable can be so beautiful. Now combined […]

Indigo and Rust Art Cloth

Indigo and rust are two of my favorite dyeing techniques.  Which means I’ve accumulated a large stash.  My friend Shirley was visiting for a week and she was itching to get her hands on some of my fabrics.  So I let her have at it.  and here is what she/we […]

Indigo and Rust Quilt Blocks

free motion stitched leaves 100 day project
I’ve been a member on Skillshare for over 6 months and teaching there for 2 months. One of the classes I recently took was creating your own 100 day project. Since I have so many things I want to learn and spend a lot of time hopping between them, and […]

My Free Motion Stitching 100 Day Project

dye-na-flow fabric 6
During my 2 month absence from my studio I don’t have access to my fabulous dye studio, rust studio or indigo studio. Now if I wasn’t prepared, I’d be going through some serious withdrawal symptoms by now. But I came prepared and bought several colors of Dye-na-Flow paint with me, […]

Fabric Friday, Using Dye-na-Flow

I am a vintage sewing machine lover. Not counting my mid arm sit down machine, my industrial machine and my industrial serger  that I use for slip covers, my newest home sewing machine was purchased in 1991.  My oldest machine is a feather weight, which was first produced in the […]

Kenmore Model 86 Vintage Sewing Machine

I love my studio! It is set up so that everything I need for a particular task is within arms reach. Something I take for granted, until I’m away from it and am forced to improvise. Like now, when I’m at my daughters for 2 months helping take care of […]

How to Improvise In The Studio