Growing Indigo 2

Indigo leaf


I’ve never had much interest in growing indigo, but my friend Diane wanted to grow some.  Only problem, she lives in a condo. So she recruited some friends to grow it.  I’m one of them.

A few weeks ago, she bought over a few pots of seedlings.  They aren’t quite ready to put in the ground, so I water them almost daily.  This morning I noticed something a little odd with this one leaf.

When  I realized what it was, I thought too cool.  Apparently the leaf was bruised at some point in time.  This caused the plant to release indican, which is a colorless substance.  The idican turns blue when exposed to air.

It takes a few more steps to process this into a form used to dye fabric, but isn’t this amazing!

Imagine, nature happening in my own backyard.  Gotta love this.

2 thoughts on “Growing Indigo

  • Cynthia Townley

    I also have some of Diane’s Indigo plants. Two of the really small seedlings died in the first couple of days. Maybe they weren’t ready for transplantation to a pot, maybe too much water. The rest are thriving. I’m watering them every other day. I have the perfect place for all of them when it comes time for them to go in the ground.

  • threadneedle2014

    I think Diane has plants all over St. Pete. I also lost one plant, but the others are doing good. I need to shuffle some plants around to make room for them, but Diane has promised to help me.

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