More Rust and Eco Printing 6

After my success last week eco printing over one of my rust dyed fabrics, I decided to try it again.  So in between rusting and indigo dips on my art cloth projects, I did this piece.

rust and eco print fabric and newsprint

In an attempt to get more bang for my buck, I rolled the fabric in newsprint.  The fabric is on the left and newsprint on the right.  This time I used only dried maple leaves.  On last weeks piece, the fresh maple leaves printed really dark.  I wanted to see if the dried leaves would also print dark.  And yes they do.  Almost a little to dark for my taste.  I actually like the newsprint better.

Here are some close-ups.

rust and eco print fabric detail


rust and eco print newsprint detail

I see more of this in the near future.

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6 thoughts on “More Rust and Eco Printing

  • Mary Ann

    Hi Angie
    I am very interested in eco printing and hope to pick your brain about this in August. Beautiful results. Especially like the cloth in your previous post.
    Mary Ann

    • angie Post author

      Hi Mary Ann! So good to see you here. I’ve only dabbled in eco printing. Loving the idea of using some of my previously rusted fabrics. Everything I’ve learned has been from my friend Kathy Hays. I’ve taken both her in person class and her video workshop She does beautiful work.

  • Madalene A Murphy

    Nice color variation in the background (I am assuming that was a previous rusted piece) and in the leaves themselves. What did you treat the fabric with?

    • angie Post author

      Thanks Madalene. Yes, it is a previously rusted piece and I did nothing else before eco printing. Just hydrated the leaves, rolled it tightly around a dowel and steamed for 2 hours.

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