Resist, Indigo and Rust #4 1

Hi everyone!   Time for another Resist, Indigo and Rust post! I didn’t around to posting last week, getting ready for the next session of the Art Cloth Mastery program, so working like crazy.  And the weather hasn’t been real cooperative for rust.  Although later in the week I should have a sneak peek at a piece I’ve been working on for the program.

In the meantime, while relaxing in the chair with the dog, the answer to a problem that has been eluding me for weeks just popped into my head, out of the blue!  Don’t you love it when that happens.  So even though I had declared myself finished for the day, I jumped up, went back out to the studio and got right to work on it.  ‘Cause we all know what happens if you go to sleep; the answers just disappears.

So for many, many months I’ve tried to mix paint colors that would work well with my rust fabrics.  And either they came out to red, or to orange, to brown, or just to something.  But yesterday I realized what I was doing wrong. So I made two small batches of paint and tested it on several pieces of rust dyed fabric.  Because, even though I may use the same piece of metal, no two pieces of fabric ever comes out with exactly the same colors.

Today I made larger batches.  And just before I stirred all the colors together, I snapped this picture.  Isn’t it yummy!

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